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François Chauvin
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Fresques murales panoramiques, art contemporain, bas relief pièce unique, collage, j'allie aussi bien l'art abstrait contemporain, à un art plus décoratif en perspective murale toutes dimensions.

French artist living in France near Paris, working mostly in Europe and the US with either galleries or decorators.
Hestudies arts at the "Atelier Julian", "Atelier Met de Penninghen"and "ecole des Métiers d'art" (actutally ENSMAAA), all in Paris.

After a few years as an art photographer (architecture, packaging, and Watches industry), and a Designer for the cosmetic and perfume industry ( Parfums Rochas, Parfums Courrèges...)or packaging (Unilever)( Agence Lonsdale et agence Guy Boucher), he started on his own creating his foremost large-size mural canvas paintings in the form of classical and contemporary trompe l'oeil for interior and exterior enhancing a rare dramatic sense of perspective with deep space effects.

His successfully exhited his works in Dallas (Texas), "De main de Maitre" (Paris grand Palais).
After different shows in Frankfurt, Brussels, Geneva, Zurich, and in France,he worked along with several architects, especially on extra large panoramic paintings.
Upon the succefully selection of his work by Pierre Cardin, François was commissioned a major decoration work in the premises at Pierre Cardin's flagship "Maxim's residence" at Rond Point des Champs Elysées in Paris, and at the foundation of "Palais Bulles"in Theoule (French Riviera).

He then ehibited in Beirut (Lebanon).

In Washington DC , Zenith Gallery, he showed different concept wal paintings and 3D baroque modeling plaster.

Over the last decade his pursuit of excellence led him to perfect a style oh his own.

He now fully indulges in non figurative work concept.

From monumental effects, he translates his art in a little box, sceen and objects...

Some works being done in association with architects and European designers, mixing paper, steel, wodd, plastic, mineral,...With acrylic painting watercolours...!Creating mixed media paintings...A kind of a new world for the artist.

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François Chauvin
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François Chauvin
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