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Natasha Wescoat
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“Since a young age, my imagination has inspired me to create art that is aesthetic as well as meaningful to me and those around me. Art has given me a world where my dreams and philosophy could be expressed, contemplated, and revealed to those who viewed my art. It has always been a way for me to meditate on my thoughts, my life, and my future. An avenue to express intense emotions and unwavering wonder. Whether my art was moved by moments of recklessness and sadness, or simply inspired by joyous moments in life, it was created with depth and passion coalescing onto the canvas.” Natasha Wescoat, a Michigan artist, has studied graphic design and fine art, but has been self-taught since she was a child. The award-winning artist has been featured in numerous articles, and is a juried member of eSODA, and EBSQ+ Self Representing artists. In her spare time, she videoblogs, hosts her own podcast show. Her dreams of becoming a famous tv show host have yet to be fullfilled! Wescoat has been offering her originals as a professional, self-representing artist since 2004, participating in online and offline exhibitions, with over 500 original paintings hanging in private and corporate collections worldwide, including France, Japan, Belgium, Australia, Portugal, Germany, England, Bahrain, Finland, Greece, Italy, and the Meditteranean island of Malta. The artist cites Klimt, Monet, and Rodin as influences in her work.

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Natasha Wescoat
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Natasha Wescoat
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