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Gwendolyn Fryer
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"Essayant de trouver des reponses concernant la condition humaine, je decouvre pendant son denouement, une multitude d’autres questions. Mes œuvres sont des meditations sur celles ci."

Fryer, daughter of a petroleum geophysicist, was born in Paris. Following her father's oil discoveries throughout Europe and North Africa, she spent her most formative years in Tripoli, Libya. There, she experienced the 6 day WAR in 1967, evacuated to Naples, Italy. The Libyan REVOLUTION followed in 1969. Fryer was sixteen when she came to the US.

Working, for many years, in the demanding circumstances of Critical Care and Cardiac nursing, she discovered Art as a necessary visual form of expression.

Fryer graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and became its first exchange student to the Ecole Des Beaux Arts in PARIS. She returned to Africa in1994.

Fryer currently resides in Sarasota, Florida. Her work has been seen at the American Legation Museum in Tangiers, Morocco. She has shown at the University of Pennsylvania, the Susquahanna and State Museums in Harrisburg selected for "Art of the State" four consecutive years. She is currently exhibiting in a traveling show organized by the Fuller Craft Museum, curated by Lloyd Herman of the Smithsonian. It is currently at COPIA: the American Center for Wine Food and the Arts in Napa Valley California.

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Gwendolyn Fryer
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Gwendolyn Fryer
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